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About us

Webtrend is a swiss-based company creating server and network infrastructure solutions and offering IT consulting with an emphasis on applying the best security standards and practices.

Services we offer

We offer a variety of server and network solutions and help or advise in existing setups. Feel free to browse our services and don't be shy sending us an email for questions or inquiries.

Server services

Webtrend offers a wide variety of server services, which are most commonly used for public access. All our solution are possible on-premise and in the cloud.

Our commitment will always be to deliver server services with the higest possible uptime and applying the latest security standards.

While we focus on a secure delivery of data, many times cyber attacks succeed because data is stored on devices in plaintext. Webtrend educates customers on how to store (sensitive) data encrypted, which makes data theft very difficult, if not impossible. We do not offer any Data Loss Prevention (DLP) services as of now.


Fast performing (mod_event) Apache2 Webserver enhanced with latest security standards.

  • HTTPS and ECDSA certificates
  • HTTP/2 support
  • HTTP security headers
  • HSTS preloading
  • Perfect forward secrecy
  • Secure Ciphers
  • OCSP stapling
Reverse Proxy

Hides the Webserver behind the Reverse Proxy, offloads resources, enhances security and adds HTTPS support to legacy HTTP webapplications.

  • HTTP/2 support
  • Websocket proxy
  • Cache HTTP content


Multiple instances of webservers are available for load-balancing and failover. Currently we do not offer this yet.


Most secure emailserver to send and store emails encrypted. Supports multiple domains.

  • SMTP & IMAP4
  • STARTTLS encryption
  • Perfect forward secrecy and secure ciphers
  • Spamfilter
  • Webinterface for users
  • S/MIME encryption
Reverse SMTP Proxy

Intercepts in- and outgoing emails transparently, checks for spam and hides the emailserver from the world.

  • Transparent SMTPS intercept
  • User spam report
  • Baysian Spamfilter
  • Hidden Markov Spamfilter
  • Supports multiple domains
DNS Server

Stores the domain records and cryptographically signs the data so that users are protected from DNS attacks.

  • Authoritative and Recursive
  • DANE
  • CAA
  • Failover
Virtual Private Network

Remove physical restrictions to bring devices into the same LAN and alter the public IP adress.

  • OpenVPN, Wireguard
  • L2TP, IPSec
  • Site-to-Site
  • Client-to-Site
  • Failover & Cluster
File Cloud (Nextcloud)

Access and sync data from everyhwere with file encryption support. Works on mobile and desktop.

  • HTTPS communication
  • WebDAV
  • HTTP security headers
  • Redis Memormy Cache
  • Cluster
  • Reverse proxy support
  • File encryption support

Other server services

Further services we offer, which mostly reside in the local area network, to improve the security and expand functionalities.

  • Forward Proxy
  • TLS-Bump Proxy
  • Clientless Remote Desktop through VNC and Apache Guacamole
  • Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Virtualization
  • Centralized Logging
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention/Detection System (IPS/IDS)
  • AAA Server & Kerberos
  • LDAP (such as Active Directory)

Network Infrastructure Service

A good performing and robust network is mandatory today with the need and dependencies to be online all the time. Especially in the past years, the data volume has increased drastically: Many companies switch to a VoIP infrastructure, video conferences become a daily routine and generally websites and media grow larger in size. Because of this, it becomes very important to have a network capable handling this data traffic and also be easily expandable in the future.

Webtrend helps with planning new network infrastructure and already existing ones. We are vendor neutral and have expertise with common brands, but because of the many different potential scenarios, we cannot support all. We can also, as of now, only support medium-sized networks in a business up to 50-60 employees.

We always advise our customers to properly educate their employees on how to use the business digital services and infrastructure. Webtrends helps with educating and sensitizing employees, so they are aware of the potential risk, where to report and how they can contribute to make the business more secure.


General tasks and configuration for the local area network.


  • MTU
  • Subnetting
  • IPv6 support
  • DHCP
  • Source NAT / Destination NAT
  • VLAN / 802.1Q trunking

Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Class of Service (Layer 2)
  • DiffServ (Layer 3)

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

  • rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP)
  • BPDU (Birdge Protocol Data unit) guard
  • root guard

Connecting routers and networks inside the company together and use the most optimal route.

Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP)

  • OSPFv2, OSPFv3
  • RIPv2, RIPng
  • EIGRP*

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