Secure file cloud (Nextcloud)

by Webtrend

File Cloud

A file cloud allows accessing data from anywhere and synchronize data locally to devices. Working and sharing data never become so easy. We use the opensource software Nextcloud as it is opensource and scalable WebDAV software

Storage becomes an important factor when using a file cloud. Various RAID levels can be used for data backup and also scalability.

Redis Memcache

Redis significantly improves the nextcloud server with memory caching. What is great about Redis, is that it is a distributed and local memory cache that also allows file locking. We prefer Redis compared to other alternatives because it is very useful when scaling the file cloud because of the distributed caching. If the infrastructure starts small, one can easily start with a local mem cache and later switch to distributed.

HTTP security headers

HTTP security ensure an encrypted communication when accessing files remotely.

Security Hardening

Further tweaks are made to make nextcloud more secure than with it's standard configuration. This includes auto banning wrong password attempts, proper file permission in the OS and others.

File encryption

Normally files on servers are stored in clear. That means if an attacker gains access to the server, he can read and use the data freely. File encryption prevents this potential security issue and allows only people with a key to read the data on the server. Files are still accessed normally through Nextcloud. We do recommend this option highly for businesses and home users.

Reverse Proxy for file clouds

Like with web servers, it is possible and recommended to use a http reverse proxy to hide the file cloud from the internet and enhance security and offload performance. More information about reverse http proxis can be found here

The right hardware and RAID

We offer a wide variety of server types which are most commonly used for public access. All solution are possible on-premise and in the cloud. For new setups, we use Debian or Ubuntu and open source software.

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